Popular Mechanics takes a look inside the USCG’s Advanced Helicopter Rescue School

In its April Edition, Popular Mechanics gives its readers an inside look into the USCG's Advanced Helicopter Rescue School by enrolling one of its authors to attend the course along with 16 other students.  The school, located in Astoria Oregon, is where Coast Guard helicopter pilots and crews receive training in conducting rescues in heavy weather and heavy surf conditions.  … [Read more...]

Container Ship Captain – This Is My Job

Sea-Fever.org points us to Popular Mechanic's feature "This Is My Job. World's Coolest Professions". This month's feature; Container Ship Captain Andy Merrill, master of Matson's M/V Manulani. They write; From sailing to surfing to piloting 32,000-ton container ships, Andy Merrill has always felt at home on the ocean. Today, the 42-year-old clocks 70-day shifts as captain of … [Read more...]

The Protector – Anti Piracy Robot

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjtH70edsGQ Want to know more about The Protector? Popular Mechanics tells us; Robots versus pirates—it's not as stupid, or unlikely, as it sounds. Piracy has exploded in the waters near Somalia, where this past week United States warships have fired on two pirate skiffs, and are currently in pursuit of a hijacked Japanese-owned … [Read more...]