Seized With Max Hardberger – A Nautical Book Review

John Konrad
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August 21, 2010

seized by max hardberger

It’s every mariner’s dream not just to command but commandeer, to sail without SOP’s and to have an owner that’s not only happy when you mark arrival on time, but ecstatic that you arrived at all.

Rather today’s captain faces an onslaught of emails, sat calls and other forms of nuisance from managers who don’t understand the simple formula Distance / Max Speed = We Just Can’t Get There Any Faster! But while most of us can only dream of turning off the ECDIS to point the bow by stars, we can live vicariously through the sea stories of Max Hardberger, captain for hire.

From the cold war docks of Vladivostok to the cool breeze of Trinidad, Max steals ships from ports most wouldn’t volunteer to visit, then sails through storms and scalawags to deliver them back to a rightful owner. And with a spirit unique to American Mariners he implements Red Hand epoxy, Smith & Wessons, cheater pipes and whatever else it takes, to get the job done.

So while you stand in boredom on the Bridge or ECR, staring at computer screens and email messages that make you want to take the old man’s gun to your head… Instead pick up a copy of Seized and step into Max’s shoes. The book sometimes frustrates with a lack of the gritty detail aboard ship and, occasionally, too much detail ashore, but mostly it’s a fun story of true adventure.

You can visit Max’s official website at and purchase a copy of his latest book Seized – A Sea Captain’s Adventures Battling Scoundrels and Pirates While Recovering Stolen Ships in the World’s Most Troubled Waters – at

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