A Look Back: 20 Incredible Aerial Photographs of Damage Caused by Hurricane Sandy

When the brunt of Hurricane Sandy finally past the eastern seaboard early on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 , US Coast Guard crews were able to begin conducting overflights of the hardest hit areas which included coastal areas of New Jersey, New York City, and Long Island. What they observed was nothing short of tragic, and we know now that this was really just the beginning. … [Read more...]

Bounty Sinking and Rescue in Photos and Video

On October 29, 2012, the 3-masted wooden tall ship Bounty, a 1960's-built replica of the 18th century Royal Navy ship HMS Bounty, foundered and sank in Atlantic Ocean off Hatteras, North Carolina during Hurricane Sandy. Responding to the scene, United States Coast Guard helicopter crews rescued 14 sailors from two life rafts. Tragically, the sinking killed Captain Robin … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy: October 28, 2012 Dawn to Dusk Timelapse Video

This week mark's the 1 Year Anniversary of  "Superstorm Sandy" and to commemorate we'll be taking a look back at some our best coverage from the historic weather event. To kick things off, below is a time lapse animation showing Hurricane Sandy from the vantage point of geostationary orbit—35,800 km (22,300 miles) above the Earth. The animation shows images taken by … [Read more...]

National Weather Service Redefines Hurricane Warning System

The U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) on Thursday announced some key changes to its Hurricane warning system, particularly in the way it handles post-tropical cyclones. NWS says the the changes were motivated by experiences associated with Hurricane Sandy last October, when forecasters, relying on the definitions set out in the old (current) system, dropped the hurricane … [Read more...]

Coast Guard, NTSB to Host Formal Hearing Into HMS Bounty Sinking

The Coast Guard said Thursday that it will convene a formal hearing in February together with the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate the October 29th sinking of the tall ship Bounty and resulting multiple loss of life. The Coast Guard says that the investigation will examine the facts and circumstances relating to the sinking of the vessel and will develop … [Read more...]