First Day of Work: Crowley’s New Ocean Class Tug Tows Grounded Hansa Berlin to Safety in Cuba

The first of Crowley's four ocean class tugs, Ocean Wave, completed its first job earlier this month by removing a grounded containership from the northern coast of Cuba on behalf of Titan Salvage, Crowley's emergency response, marine salvage and wreck removal arm. Titan, along with Houston-based T&T Marine Salvage, was awarded the contract from Cuban salvage … [Read more...]

Salvors Refloat the Hansa Berlin off Cuba

Following a lost of power during tropical storm Isaac off Cuba on 26 August, the Liberian-flagged container ship Hansa Berlin found herself bricked up off the northern coast of Cuba. American salvage firms Titan Salvage and T&T Bisso, in conjunction with local Cuban salvage company, Antilliana De Salvemento, were immediately called to action to survey the situation.  The … [Read more...]

Leonhardt & Blumberg Assign Cuban Salvors to Save the Hansa Berlin

Hamburg-based owner/managers Leonhardt & Blumberg report that they have appointed local salvage company Antillana De Salvamento for the salvaging of their container vessel Hansa Berlin, which is currently aground some 20 miles off the Cuban coast. The vessel suffered an engine failure during tropical storm Isaac on 26 August and was pushed up on Cuban shoals west of … [Read more...]

So the Hansa Berlin REALLY DID Run Aground on Cuba’s Coast [INCIDENT PHOTO]

It's about time we have some photo evidence of the grounded Hansa Berlin in Cuba.  gCaptain broke the news that the Hansa Berlin containership quietly grounded (well, maybe not so quietly) off the coast of Cuba some 20 miles from Havana in what was then TS Isaac. The vessel is a 1993 built containership with a capacity of 1.016 TEU and is flying the Liberian flag.   Word … [Read more...]

Update on Hansa Berlin Grounding Off Cuba, Salvors Enroute

The shipowner/managers Leonhardt & Blumberg report today that they have invited salvage companies for individual offers for the safe and successful refloating of their container vessel Hansa Berlin which grounded off the Cuban coast some 20 miles off Havana on Sunday. All crew were evacuated from the ship by helicopter and are safe ashore in Cuba. Specialists have … [Read more...]