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Leonhardt & Blumberg Assign Cuban Salvors to Save the Hansa Berlin

Rob Almeida
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September 19, 2012

Hansa Berlin aground off Cuba, submitted by anonymous gCaptain contributor

Hamburg-based owner/managers Leonhardt & Blumberg report that they have appointed local salvage company Antillana De Salvamento for the salvaging of their container vessel Hansa Berlin, which is currently aground some 20 miles off the Cuban coast.

The vessel suffered an engine failure during tropical storm Isaac on 26 August and was pushed up on Cuban shoals west of Havana . The ship owner reports there were no injuries to crew and no pollution of the environment as a result of the incident.

In coordination with its partners Titan Salvage and T&T Biso, Antilliana De Salvemento expect to commence salvage operations later this week. Salvage experts will start with pumping of the fuel from the vessel’s bunker tanks and the removal of the cargo of containers.

In an emailed statement, Leonhardt & Blumberg notes that it is committed to ensure a safe execution of the salvaging of Hansa Berlin avoiding any damage to the marine environment.

Hansa Berlin is a 1993 built container vessel with a capacity of 1.016 TEU. She is flying the Liberian flag.

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