Kongsberg, Robert Allan Unveil Unmanned Fire Boat Design

Norwegian technology company Kongsberg Maritime has teamed up with naval architects and engineers at Vancouver-based Robert Allan on the development of unmanned, remotely-operated fireboats for ports. If successful, the two partners said the new fireboat has potential to radically change the way first responders attack dangerous fires while in port. The so-called RALamander … [Read more...]

Port of Long Beach Dedicates New Fireboat ‘Vigilance’

The Port of Long Beach has commissioned into service the second of two new fireboats that now rank among some of the most powerful fireboats in the world. “Vigilance” was dedicated in a dockside ceremony for the late Long Beach Harbor Commissioner, Dr. John Kashiwabara, a Korean War veteran who served as a commissioner from 1996-2002 and was the first Japanese American named … [Read more...]

Kayakers Collide With New York Ferry

Eleven kayakers including a child were rescued and at least five were injured after a collision with a NY Waterway ferry at Pier 79 on the Hudson River today, officials from the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) said via Facebook. One kayaker with serious injuries had been taken to Bellevue Hospital and four kayakers with lesser … [Read more...]

Ship Photos of the Day – Port of Long Beach’s Powerful New Fireboat ‘Protector’

The Port of Long Beach has welcomed into service the first of two new state-of-the-art fireboats that will the port help become more 'big ship' ready in the future.  The fireboat, named Protector, was dedicated during a ceremony held Wednesday in memory of Donald Domenic DiMarzo, a former Long Beach Fire Department captain and fire marshal aboard the USS Intrepid in the … [Read more...]

Vigor Fab to Build Powerful New Fireboat for San Francisco

The San Francisco Fire Department has finalized an order for a powerful newbuild fireboat that in 2015 will serve to protect the City by the Bay. The new fireboat will be built by Vigor Fab, a West Coast shipyard that has been expanding its building capacity to fabricate increasingly complex vessels. The fireboat for San Francisco will be the first complete newbuild fireboat … [Read more...]