FDNY Fireboat “Fire Fighter”

John Konrad
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July 31, 2010

Fireboat Water Canon / Monitor

NYC’s most distinguished Fireboat, FDNY’s “Fire Fighter” ( Marine 9 ):

FDNY's Fireboat “Firefighter”

With a cost of $924,000 in 1938 she is the most expensive fireboat ever constructed relative to inflation. Firefighters who have worked her deck, however, will tell you the step price tag has been repaid many times over by the work she has done throughout her 70 years of service.

Engine Room:

Marine 9’s “Fire Fighter” was designed with a pair of Winton sixteen cylinder diesel engines that each power an electric generator capable of powering her twin 1,000 horsepower electric motors. Once at the fire scene the boat’s engineers need to divide power between the screws and the fire pumps. When 100% of the power is sent to the pumps she is capable of delivering 20,000 gallons per minute of water to either her fire monitors or shore side to trucks fighting more traditional fires.


The Fire Fighter was originally designed with a fifty-five foot water tower that has since been removed due to maintenance costs.

FNDY Fireboat patch

If you are interested in fire boats and have some extra time to donate head over to the FDNY Fireboat John J Harvey website and help restore a hero from September 11th.

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