Kayakers Collide With New York Ferry

John Konrad
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August 30, 2016


Eleven kayakers including a child were rescued and at least five were injured after a collision with a NY Waterway ferry at Pier 79 on the Hudson River today, officials from the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) said via Facebook.

One kayaker with serious injuries had been taken to Bellevue Hospital and four kayakers with lesser injuries were been taken to Mount Sinai Hospital.

“As we were responding to the call of a boat that hit kayakers in the water, we were in contact with FDNY Marine 1” said FDNY Lt. Jing Kong, of Haz-Tac. “Marine 1 confirmed what had happened, how many patients were in the water, and the best areas to have ambulances waiting for the patients once they were removed.” 

A crew from the Coast Guard Staten Island station assisted the FDNY fireboat in the rescue.  “All people have been accounted for” said Petty Officer Sabrina Clarke, a Coast Guard spokeswoman.

UPDATE: For a closer look at this incident read gCaptain Contributor Rick Spilman’s article: Ferry Collides with a Group of Kayakers on Hudson River

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