Somali Pirates Release Tanker – MV OLIB G

Mike Schuler
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January 8, 2012

Somali pirates have released the Maltese-flagged tanker M/V OLIB G and her crew of 18, according to a report by the Somalia Report.

The vessel and her crew, consisting of 15 Georgians and 3 Turks, was hijacked on September 8, 2010 while transiting the eastern part of the Gulf of Aden in the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor, an area set up by EU NAVFOR, the NATO and the Combined Maritime Force to coordinate the patrol of maritime transits.

Somalia Report says that the vessel was released after a ransom of $3 million was paid.  The pirates in this incident belonged to a group that is “not particularly well known” in the area.  The ransom paid was far less than the $9 million originally requested by pirate negotiators.

The crew is said to be safe and in satisfactory health.

In November, the crew of the OLIB G were videotaped as they discussed the conditions they have been subjected to.  The video offered unique glimpse into the lives of hostages being held in Somalia, something we don’t see very often. If you listen closely, they speak of the harsh conditions, little food rations, no medicine and little help from the companies that they work for.

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