gCaptain website statistics

gCaptain’s 2011 Website Stats and a Few Highlights

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January 8, 2012

Alright guys, sorry for the shameless plug here, but I figured some of you might be interested in some gCaptain 2011 highlights.

Here are our 2011 figures via Google Analytics…

  • Visitors:         2,848,337

  • Page Views:  6,294,680

gCaptain website statistics

Top 10 Cities/Visitors: 

  1. Houston – 64,996
  2. New York – 61,831
  3. London – 40,690
  4. Singapore – 34,565
  5. Washington, DC – 29,777
  6. Seattle – 29,093
  7. Manila – 24,955
  8. San Francisco – 20,804
  9. Athens – 20,489
  10. Mumbai – 19,178

Facebook followers:               11,812

Twitter followers:                    4,605

gCaptain Forum members:  13,647


A few notable highlights:

And now for the shameless plug…

gCaptain is undoubtably the top online news source in the English-speaking world for the commercial maritime and offshore industries.  If you’d like to utilize the full power of gCaptain’s global reach for your 2012 marketing needs, please email Rob Almeida at [email protected] for a copy of our media kit.

We will also plan to hire a few talented individuals to our staff this year…

So, if you have excellent writing skills, a personal network within the commercial shipping or offshore energy industries, and a passion for pursuing the news, please send your resume/cover letter to [email protected]

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