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John Konrad
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September 24, 2007

In preparation for our announcement of 200,000 page views since launching gCaptain this May I wanted to share some of our user information with you. Of course we would never give away your personal data but I am willing to show where you are from. Below are two charts that show the locations of our latest readers.

reader cities map
This map paces a dot on the city of our latest readers. The dots range in size from 50 to 7,000+ visitors so we are, unfortunately, not able to show you a complete list of locations just the popular ones.

reader contry map
Here is a more complete list showing our readers’ home countries. The map shades each country with readers green with the largest contributing country (the U.S.A.) logging over 34,000 visitors.

I just thought you may be interested in seeing where other dedicated gCaptain readers are from. If you enjoy this blog and know anyone in Madagascar, Somalia, Ecuador or the handful of other countries we have yet to reach please pass on the link…. we’d love to have them.

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