How Does That Happen?

At a staff meeting about avoiding collisions and allisions in piloting waters with the Master and Pilot on the bridge my respected colleague responsible for training and operations had a question. How can an experienced, qualified Pilot and Master, standing side by side on the bridge, conn a ship into a collision or allision?  How does that happen? It was a rhetorical … [Read more...]

Editorial – Did I Understand You Correctly?

By Captain Grant Livingstone  I have learned a lot about relationships over 30 years of marriage.  The learning curve was not easy.  Initially I had the idea that our relationship would be successful through love and good intentions.  I would uphold my commitments as would my spouse and we would live happily ever after.  We were two people with very … [Read more...]

Astrium Enhances VSAT Coverage in the Barents and Mediterranean Seas

Oslo, 31 October 2013 – Astrium Services, the global innovative provider of satellite enabled telecom solutions, is expanding its already comprehensive global VSAT coverage following the signing of new separate Ku-band capacity agreements with Eutelsat and SES. Enhanced capacity on Eutelsat’s E36B will provide improved services and more bandwidth for Astrium … [Read more...]

Future of Shipping | It’s Going to Be About the Data – But Whose?

The future of shipping will in part, be about data. Big data. We know this because there are a lot of people telling us so, and some of them are in a position to influence outcomes. When the IMO secretary-general held a Symposium on Ship Safety ahead of the most recent Maritime Safety Committee, the role of the human factor, development of new technology and the importance of … [Read more...]

Imtech Marine Extends VSAT Coverage to Indian Ocean

Imtech Marine has upgraded and extended the coverage of its Global VSAT Network. In addition to its wide network, Imtech Marine can now offer VSAT coverage in the Indian Ocean, roughly between Tanzania, Ethiopia, Madagascar, India and Indonesia, which is an important and busy area for the international maritime industry. Imtech Marine offers a reliable, cost effective and … [Read more...]