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John Konrad
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August 6, 2011

Welcome to this weeks edition of “In Case You Missed It…”, a series that highlights gCaptain’s top 10 news items of the week. In this series, we will also have a look at the latest jobs posted to the gCaptain Job Board, and the latest discussions going on in the gCaptain Forum. Enjoy!

Top Ten News Items of The Week:

Article Unique Views
High Seas Hit and Run UPDATE: The captain of MV B Oceania’s sistership tells the story… 2,179
Emma Maersk’ s Wartsila-Sulzer Super Ship Engine – Part 2 1,636
WARNING LETTER: “Killing hostages is now part of the rules” 1,287
Union standoff and bribery accusations spell trouble for Great Lakes operator 1,185
USS Indianapolis – History’s Greatest Shark Attack 1,064
High Seas Hit and Run!!?? You gotta be kidding me… 1,012
Juhu Beach, Mumbai: a.k.a. Ship Magnet Beach 874
Photo of the Week – Royal Navy fires at Libya 775
What happened to the oil in the Gulf? WHOI answers in new study 770
Watch your trim! It may be costing you more than you think… 690

New jobs posted by:

Talk on the Forum: 22 new discussions on the Forum this week including Ask Captain Anonymous, Ann Landers’ salty cousin.

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