Pasha Bulker Swung Out but Leaking Oil

John Konrad
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July 1, 2007

Pasha Bulker

The Sydney Morning Herald brings us this update:

THE Pasha Bulker has budged but is still stuck fast on the reef at Nobbys Beach, Newcastle. Damage to the environment from oil spilling from the ship remained unknown early today.

Critical response teams swung into action late last night as joy again turned to despair during the attempt to refloat the Pasha, stranded since June 8.

With three powerful tugs straining, the giant red hull was swung around and pointed seawards last night. The ship now sits with its stern still stuck fast on the reef but her bow pointed out to sea.

The Ports Minister, Joe Tripodi, had said earlier that oil had leaked from the vessel but it was unknown how severe the spill was. He said the ship was only a couple of degrees off the point where it could be towed out to sea.

Mr Tripodi said grinding noises had been reported from the ship during last night’s salvage attempt. He said these might be rock grinding on the ship’s bottom.

About 1pm yesterday a response team was deployed after a minor oil leak was detected. Mr Tripodi said a sheen of oil a micron (0.001 of a millimetre) thick was seen on the water surface at the stern of the carrier, but dissipated within an hour of being discovered.

Industry sources have estimated that the Pasha Bulker salvage operation has cost between $200,000 and $300,000 per day.

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