gCaptain Starbucks Contest Winner Announced

John Konrad
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July 1, 2007

logo_top.gifOn June 9th we announced the first ever gCaptain reader contest! To recap:

The first 10 people to sign up for the three main sections of our site will receive a free $10 Starbucks card and thank you letter. All qualified users who fully register in the month of June will receive a small prize.

Trivia – A $50 card will be given to the person who answers the question:
Why did we choose Starbucks for this promotion?

The winner of our $50 gift card was Richard Rodriguez of Friday Harbor, WA. Richard is a blogger, maritime training professional and the person responsible for keeping the waterways clear of boats near Anacortes, a job I greatly appreciated during my time on the Valdez-Bellingham run.

His winning Answer? Starbuck was the Chief Mate in Herman Melville’s book Moby Dick. Being the Chief Mate of a modern day ship exploring the world for oil, and having had some interesting captains myself, Starbuck is a character I can relate to.

For all others who participated I expect to get your gift cards in the mail the beginning of this week. As promised all who registered for our newsletter but missed the $10 drawing will receive a small prize of gCaptain stickers.

Thanks to everyone for participating and check back soon for our big News Discoverer contest which will be announced shortly.


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