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John Konrad
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July 1, 2007

Here are the top posts for the end of June:

A random selection of the best (and worst) photos of the coal ship “Pasha Bulker” grounded on Nobby’s Beach courtesy of Flickr.

The title of one story in this week’s MarEx Newsletter proclaims “Maritime Academy Graduation Heralds the Continuation of Good Times” and nothing affirms this better than a look into the order books of the world’s largest shipyards.

A vessel found in 700 AD, several centuries before the Vikings ruled Norway, the Oseberg ship from approximately 800 AD and the knarr from around year 1000 AD all have one thing in common; their rounded bows were the inspiration for Ulstein’s latest design, the x-bow container ship.

With the recent LNG News I decided to get to work on some maritime visualizations. Above is a bubble graph I created representing the number of ships registered to each flag state.

You have a PASS Device for your shipboard fire team..right?? Why not break it out of the gear locker during confined space entries?


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