Casualty Outlook

It's been a bad week for lifeboats, once termed 'the Pinto of the seas'. Over at Maritime Accident Casebook three incidents during drills and training have come to light, two on offshore platforms, one at an onshore training facility. All are currently under investigation and therefore sort of subjudice but in one case the lowering of a davit-launched lifeboat was halted due to … [Read more...]

Maritime Podcast – Episode 02

Here's episode 02 of Messing About In Ships, your new maritime podcast. This week's topics include; Listener Comments Antarctic Cruise Ship Sinking Sinking of the Texas Clipper Pasha Bulker Incident Report - Photos HERE 9 Days on raft after losing keel Subscribe via iTunes or right click.. saves as -> direct link … [Read more...]

Official Report on the M/V Pasha Bulker

The ship that made gCaptain famous is back in the headlines. The M/V Pasha Bulker, a 76,741 deadweight ton Panamax bulk carrier launched in 2006, is the subject of a new report from NSW Maritime of Australia. The enormous vessel first made world headlines after running aground on a popular Australian beach in June of this year and since that time rumors to the cause of here … [Read more...]

Pasha Bulker Incident Report – Nearly Unbelievable

Photo By suburbanbloke In a post unusually harsh for gCaptain standards I asked some tough questions about actions taken by the captain of the doomed ship, Pasha Bulker. Here's a recap; ...did the crew used their satellite comms to discuss the weather patterns with meteorologists or did they simply ignore the port authority's warnings? Did the captain use his AIS to … [Read more...]

Pasha Bulker – Postscript

Our top commenter from down under, Ian, has sent me a wrap-up of the Pasha Bulker story: "PB left our shores several weeks ago under tow to an Asian shipyard. She was minus her rudder that apparently came off during re-floating attempts. It has been retrieved and presently sits in a local scrap yard. Given the surge in tourism generated by the grounding there has been … [Read more...]