WATCH: World’s First LNG-Powered Dry Cargo Vessel Launched

Mike Schuler
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November 5, 2015


Ferus Smit recently celebrated the launch of the Greenland, the world’s first dry cargo vessel to be fueled by clean-burning liquified natural gas.

The sideways launch took place October 31 at the Ferus Smit shipyard in Westerbroek, the Netherlands.

The Greenland is a dedicated cement carrier built for the joint venture JT cement, made up of Erik Thun AB with KG Jebsen Cement (KGJ) from Norway.


The ship is equipped with a fully automated cement loading and unloading system based on the principle of fluidization of cement using compressed air, which enables the cement to be pumped through a completely closed – thus dust free – piping system to shore facilities.


The launch comes less than a month after the ship’s 130 cubic meter LNG fuel tank was delivered to the yard and installed vertically in the forward part of the vessel.

A video of the launch is below:

Photos courtesy Ferus Smit

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