Marlow Navigation: No Paycheck for Crimean Seafarers

Rob Almeida
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January 26, 2015

Marlow Navigation, the Cyprus-based crew management firm says “there is presently no possibility to arrange any transfer of funds to seafarers and / or beneficiaries with addresses in Crimea,” according to an internal note obtained by gCaptain.

The company cites U.S. sanctions against Russia are preventing them from transferring funds, however “if there is sufficient cash on board, we have no objections to pay out off-signing crew in full upon disembarkation,” says Marlow.

This does not mean Crimean seafarers will be forced to forfeit their pay, but rather these funds will be held by the company until individuals are able to come up with “alternative banking arrangements” or until the seafarer changes his residence from Crimea to Ukraine and presents an updated Ukrainian passport and address.

We have reached out to Marlow Navigation for further comment on the matter.


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