Maritime Crime and Piracy Update – week of 19 May 2011

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May 27, 2011

Worldwide Maritime Crime and Piracy, week of 19 May 2011 (source: ONI)

Somali piracy incidents continue to occur at moderate levels.  There were three piracy incidents in this one-week period consisting of three attacks.  Incidents took place in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea



  • A general cargo ship was robbed 23 May at 0231 UTC in the Conakry anchorage at position 09:25.44N – 013:44.4W off Guinea.  Ten robbers fired upon and boarded the vessel, threatened crew members, stole the ship’s properties and cash, stole the crew’s cash and personal belongings, and escaped. (IMB)
  • A container vessel was robbed 17 May at 2230 UTC in the Boma anchorage at position 05:52S – 013:05E off the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Four robbers used a wooden boat to board the vessel.  The robbers broke open a container on deck, stole part of the cargo, and escaped. (IMB, Commercial Sources)


  • Bulk carrier (FORTUNE CLOVER) was fired upon by two skiffs 22 May at 0348 UTC while underway in position 15:44N – 061:45E, approximately 471NM northeast of Socotra, Yemen.  The pirates damaged the bridge windows and the life boat. The pirates attempted to hook a ladder onto the ship rail twice, but the Master was able to make evasive maneuvers in both attempts to thwart the attempted boarding. (IMB)


  • Chemical tanker (GOLDEN YOSA) was fired upon by one skiff 22 May at 0617 UTC while underway in position 14:31N – 042:13E, approximately 96NM northwest of Assab, Eritrea.  A mother vessel launched the skiff that chased the vessel.  The skiff fired at the GOLDEN YOSA after the GOLDEN YOSA engaged in evasive maneuvers.  The onboard security team returned fire at the skiff, and the skiff aborted the attack. (IMB, UKMTO)
  • Bulk carrier (CAPE SPENCER) was fired upon by two skiffs, the first skiff with seven pirates onboard and the second skiff with five pirates onboard, 20 May at 0633 UTC while underway in position 13:15N – 043:01E, approximately 22NM northeast of Assab, Eritrea.  Master engaged in evasive maneuvers and repelled the attack. (IMB, UKMTO)


  • A bulk carrier was boarded 23 May at 2010 UTC while anchored in position 20:41N – 107:14E in the Hon Gai outer anchorage, Vietnam.  Four robbers boarded the vessel.  After the alert duty officer (D/O) noticed the robbers and raised the alarm the crew rushed to the forecastle.  The robbers then escaped with nothing in a small boat. (IMB)


  • A bulk carrier was robbed 22 May at 2045 UTC while anchored in position 01:10S – 117:16E in the Muara Jawa anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia. Robbers boarded the vessel unnoticed.  The duty ordinary seaman (O/S) noticed an unlit boat moving away with a trailing mooring rope.  The bosun store lock was broken, the door was forced open, and the ship’s stores and properties were stolen. (IMB)
  • A bulk carrier was robbed 22 May at 1200 UTC while anchored in position 07:07S – 112:40E in the Surabaya inner anchorage, Indonesia.  Robbers boarded the vessel via the poop deck, stole the ship’s stores, and escaped. (IMB)
  • An oil tanker was robbed 18 May during the morning while anchored in position 06:01S – 106:54E in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Robbers boarded the vessel, stole the ship’s stores, and escaped unnoticed. (IMB)

Indian Ocean Piracy Forecast, 26 – 28 MAY 2011

Gulf of Aden conditions remain conducive for piracy attacks through 1 June as winds and seas decrease after 29 May.  Expect the SW monsoon to continue to expand within the waters off the Somali Basin and North Arabian Sea. These areas will not be conducive for small boat operations through 1 June.

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