Incident Photos of The Week – Davy Crockett Response

Mike Schuler
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May 27, 2011

This weeks incident photos come from the Columbia River on the Washington-Oregon border where the 433-foot flat-deck barge Davy Crockett continues to be disassembled.

On January 27, 2011, authorities received reports of an oil sheen on the Columbia River near Vancouver and were able to trace the sheen 11 miles upstream to the Davy Crockett.  The barge, having been improperly salvaged, was partially sunk and began leaking oil.

Response efforts began immediately to contain the oil and, in mid-February, USCG Commandant Admiral Papp authorized the removal and destruction of the barge.

Incident Photos below via Washington State Department of Ecology Davy Crockett Response page

Davy Crockett, 2006.  Photo courtesy Washington Dept. of Ecology.

Overflight view of the Davy Crockett with boom surrounding the vessel, January 2011. Photo courtesy USCG.

Top view, January 2011. Courtesy Washington Dept. of Ecology.

March 24 overhead view of Davy Crockett, work barges, oil containment boom and downstream oil skimming vessel. Photo courtesy Washington Dept. of Ecology.

Diver in decontamination area following completion of a dive operation. March, 2011. Photo courtesy Washington Dept. of Ecology.

Cofferdam completion on Arpil 18. Photo courtesy Washington Dept. of Ecology.

Aerial view of Davy Crockett inside the cofferdam on May 20.  The stern section is floating while the bow is submerged due to high river levels. Photo courtesy Washington Dept. of Ecology.

USCG overflight on on May 20, 2011

A comprehensive on the Davy Crockett response, including photos and updates, can be found at the Washington State Dept. of Ecology HERE.


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