Maritime Crime and Piracy Update – Week of 21 April 2011

Rob Almeida
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April 28, 2011

Summary of worldwide maritime crime and piracy (Source: Office of Naval Intelligence)


  • A fishing vessel was robbed 21 April 2011 at 0100 UTC while anchored off of Montrose, Guyana.  Four armed robbers boarded the vessel and stole various goods. (Commercial Sources)


  • Chemical tanker (ATLANTIA) was fired upon by seven pirates in two  skiffs (NFI) 24 April at 1800 UTC while underway in position 06:57S – 045:40E, approximately  381NM southeast of Zanzibar, Tanzania.  The pirates failed to attach a boarding ladder to the vessel because the vessel engaged in evasive maneuvers.  Vessel experienced damage due to the attack.   (IMB, UKMTO)
  • Oil products/chemical tanker (PORT UNION) was fired upon 24 April at 0300 UTC while underway in position 04:09.8S – 047:43.0E, approximately 484NM east of Mombasa, Kenya.  Pirates chased the vessel in two skiffs, one of which had five pirates in it, the other was unknown; and one pirate mothership.  The armed guards onboard the PORT UNION fired four warning shots at the pirates from 0.5NM away; the pirates fired back and aborted the attack. (IMB, Operator, Commercial Sources)
  • A tanker was robbed 22 April at 2130 UTC while anchored off of Kochi, India.  The second officer noticed some movements on the forecastle deck.  After the duty able seaman discovered three robbers, the second officer raised the alarm.  After the alarm was raised, the robbers departed the vessel with the stolen stores. (IMB)
  • Bulk carrier (ROSALIA D’AMATO) was hijacked 21 April at 0218 UTC while underway in position 13:17N – 059:06E, approximately 274NM northeast of Socotra Island, Yemen.  One skiff attacked the vessel.  The pirates boarded and took the crew hostage. (Commercial Sources, IMB, UKMTO)


  • Product tanker (RUDEEF GNA) was fired upon 22 April at 2250 UTC while underway in position 15:11.03 N – 051:36.36E, approximately 148NM northeast of Al Mukalla, Yemen.  Pirates opened fire upon the tanker about 5-11 yards away, the onboard security team fired back, and the pirates aborted their attack.  (IMB, UKMTO, Commercial Sources)


  • Seven robbers boarded a bulk carrier 24 April at 2010 UTC while underway in position 03:08N – 105:16E, approximately 45NM northwest of the Anambas Islands, Indonesia. The robbers boarded the bulk carrier from a wooden boat.  They departed the vessel from the stern with personal belongings and cash from the Master’s and second officer’s cabins.  (IMB)
  • Seven robbers boarded a general cargo vessel 25 April at 0055 UTC while underway in position 02:57N – 105:17E, approximately 43NM southwest of the Anambas Islands, Indonesia.  The robbers took the officer of the watch and the duty able seaman hostage in the third officer’s cabin.  The robbers forced the two of them to take the robbers to the captain’s cabin.  The robbers ordered the captain to take them to the poop deck, where they departed the vessel with the ship’s cash, property, and personal effects. (IMB)


Indian Ocean Piracy Forecast for 28 APR – 30 APR 2011:

Weather conditions this week are expected to be mild and conducive to small-boat operations throughout the majority of the piracy operating area.  Mariners are advised the Arabian Sea, Somali Basin, and Gulf of Aden are high-risk areas for piracy.  When transiting the region, mariners are encouraged to contact UKMTO and all appropriate authorities.

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