DNV Launches New Rule Book for Jackup Rig Builders and Designers

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May 1, 2012

dnv logoCoinciding with the announcement of Lamprell’s newbuild jackup order today, DNV released a new rule book for self-elevating units, aka jackups, which will guide designers and yards to class their designs and newbuilding projects. The rule book clearly explains the DNV and international regulations and standards. Adaptations from the traditional Offshore Standards include additional class notations and alignment of material and jacking systems requirements based on feedback from industry experts and adapted survey procedures.

This dedicated rule book for self-elevating units clearly provides the specific considerations required for jackups to prevent interpretations that may lead to imposing additional requirements without any safety benefits. These considerations are especially relevant for jackups, taking into account their dual fixed/ floating nature.

DNV’s Offshore Class Product Manager, Michiel van der Geest, explains that “we have focused on making a user friendly rule book with clear guidance. I believe that the designers and yards will now find it much easier to interpret jackup requirements. Additionally, the entire classification concept is described in a concise manner, so that full compliance can be achieved. Besides the new format the
rule book, most importantly, it is based on a deep understanding of the jackup segments needs and standards. “Strength and material requirements have been aligned with proven market standards. In addition, operational procedures are tailored to specific operational profiles in order to minimize interference with production schedules,” van der Geest says.

Further, the book introduces the new voluntary notation Enhanced Systems (ES). This notation covers industry’s needs to demonstrate safety and reliability beyond compliance. “It is based on our accumulated knowledge and experience and contains requirements for acceptable design solutions,” he concludes.

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