Incident Photo Of The Week – M/V Jeppesen Maersk

John Konrad
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January 26, 2008

M/V Jeppesen brings us the 2006 incident photos of the M/V Jeppesen Maersk:

At 0420 UTC in the Dover Strait TSS near the MPC Buoy the NE bound LPG Tanker M/T Sigas Centurion and the SW bound container ship M/V Jeppesen Maersk were involved in a very close near collision.  

When M/T Sigas Centurion altered course to cross the SW bound lane she was on a collision course with M/V Jeppesen Maersk. M/T Sigas Centurion only became aware of a developing situation when CNIS called to advise of the danger. The collision was avoided by both vessels taking last minute actionWeather at the time was fair with good visibility.The Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents instructed the owner of M/V Jeppesen Maersk to advise him of the issues arising from the incident and to praise the actions of their vessel’s bridge team in avoiding the collision. Read The Incident Report

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