Google Nexus 7 Ad Strikes Familiar Chord

Mike Schuler
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November 25, 2013

Check out this new commercial released by Google UK for their Nexus 7 tablet, featuring a homesick engineer perk up when he is able to video chat with his family back home on Christmas.

There’s no doubt that the commercial strikes a familiar chord amongst those who are away at sea during the holiday season. Unfortunately, for most the reality of the situation can be summed up with a few of comments on YouTube:

Matthew Hudson: I work offshore and having this kind of contact is essential – hopefully one day I’ll be able to get a decent enough internet connection to do this. Offshore internet is very expensive, therefore very slow!

Dee Ayling-Bate: What a sweet advert but sadly seafarers cannot use these devices once at sea. One Christmas I would love to be able to speak to my husband like shown in this advert.

Stephanie Spence: Being in the merchant navy myself, I’d LOVE to find a ship where I could get such phone signal or wifi to use such a device.

Still a touching commercial. And the good news is even today more and more companies are opting to equip their vessels with broadband internet at sea, although limited to basic ship functions, email and chat (sans video). Perhaps someday (more affordable) technology will catch up!

Does your ship have internet? If so, how does it help you cope during the holidays or any long stretch away from home?

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