DIY Close-Up Lens with Binoculars

John Konrad
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January 14, 2008

Ship as seen through binoculars

Our bandwidth is suffering today so we are going to trust Lifehacker’s advice on this one. They tell us:

Do-it-yourselfer Chris Knight explains that the innards of cheap binoculars can double as a macro lens for digital SLR cameras and camcorders and can prove especially useful in situations when a macro lens is unavailable. Unscrew the binoculars and remove the front lenses. Tape the lenses securely to the front of your camera. When you first start the camera up, it will take some time to acquire the best focus, but with practice, you’ll be able to capture objects at extreme close-up detail.

You can watch the video then get the full details HERE. Then head over to read our own tips for rigging your camera up to binoculars: Shipboard Digital Camera Tricks

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