Prison Ships

John Konrad
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January 15, 2008

In need of a prison “ship” of your own?

Bibby Renaissance has recently finished a multi-million pound refurbishment programme, and is ready for charter. Berthed in the Singapore region, she is ideally located for charters in the South East Asia and Australia markets. We now have a new brochure available for download detailing technical specifications and an exclusive preview of some artist’s impressions. We are currently offering Bibby Renaissance to the market.

On the East River approximately one mile west of SUNY Maritime College sits the Vernon C. Bain a prison barge used to help solve overcrowding problem at Riker’s Island, the world’s largest penal colony. This floating correctional facility is however, not unique. Subtopia tells us:

The deeper I get into it, the more I realize an entire book could probably be written about the subject of floating prisons -– and who knows, maybe in another dream one day I’ll write it –- (there is probably already some magnificent mini opus out there that I have — for at least the time being — overlooked) but for now, let’s just settle for a quick and dirty Googleized survey.

Click HERE for the full article that contains many interesting photos.

(Thanks to BitterEnd for the find)

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