CEC Future Hijacking – VHF recording with coalition aircraft released

Mike Schuler
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March 31, 2009

This is the VHF recording between M/V CEC Future and a Coalition aircraft as the vessel was being attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia back in early November 2008.  The attack resulted in the CEC Future being siezed and held for over two months before ransom, of an undisclosed amount, was paid to the hijackers.

According to statements released by the vessel’s operator, Clipper Project Ship Management of Copenhagen, Denmark, there were 13 crew members on board, of which 11 are Russian citizens, 1 Georgian and 1 Estonian.  All crew members were released and uninjured with the ship.

From what I could tell from the recording, it was about 8 minutes from the time the CEC Future first radioed for help to the time they reported the hijackers to be on board “with guns”.

The recording was just released on YouTube via user qewr1234567.  While it is in English, the audio is somewhat muffled with Russian subtitles, so you must listen closely.

You can also read all press releases released by Clipper Project on this incident HERE

Thanks to gCaptain member, balticsemen, for pointing us to this.

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