Lost M/V Pacific Adventurer Containers Found – Images

Mike Schuler
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March 31, 2009

At least 24 out of the 31 containers lost from the MV Pacific Adventurer during Cyclone Hamish have been found by the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Huon Class Mine Hunters, HMA Ships Yarra and Norman. Both vessels have been searching since March 18 using a Variable Depth Sonar in the vicinity of where the containers were thought to be lost. The sonar is able to detect objects at depths of over 100 meters and out to ranges greater than 500 meters from the ship.

According to a report by the Australian Navy, the containers were found at a depth of 120m and lying on the seabed close together, secured in groups of two and three, and are in varying states of condition.

On another note, some interesting discussion has started gCaptain’s Forum regarding this incident.  Here is an excerpt from the opening of that conversation:

Heibi Spirit, Cosco Busan… now the Pacific Adventurer. We may all differ on our opinions about foreign crews in the GOM but I think every mariner, worldwide, shares concern over the trend towards criminalization of the mariner.

Now some more pictures of the lost containers provided by the Royal Australian Navy (Click images for higher resolution):

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