Cargo Ship Suffers ‘Severe Hull Damage’ in Grounding Near Xiamen, China

Mike Schuler
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September 21, 2016

Cargo ship Gan Tai Tai Zhou aground on Kinmen island, China.

Authorities in China are racing to prevent more oil from spilling from a grounded cargo ship near Xiamen, China.

Officials are saying the vessel, Gan Tai Tai Zhou, has suffered ‘severe hull damage’ and leaked oil into the environment, coating nearby beaches and coastline. 

The Gan Tai Tai Zhou was at a Xiamen anchorage last Thursday when it was forced aground on the southwest tip of Kinmen island during Typhoon Meranti, which hit the area with strong wind and rain after pummeling Taiwan as a Cat 5 Super Typhoon.

Reports say the vessel’s hull has sustained significant damage in three spots and has leaked oil.

Crews are now trying to pump any remaining fuel in hopes that the ship can be refloated. Right now the fear is that the ship is too damaged and conditions are too poor to refloat the vessel without risking more impact to the environment, but the option to dismantle the vessel on the spot could take months to complete.

Making matter worse reports say that the vessel’s owner has filed for bankruptcy, so getting money for the salvage won’t be easy. 

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