Breaking Free Of Company Internet

Breaking Free Of Corporate Internet

John Konrad
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December 18, 2010

Breaking Free Of Company Internet

gCaptain’s growth has been phenomenal and we have you, the reader, to thank! But no matter how good our content is, no matter what we do to support our readers there remains the underlying problem that many of our readers can’t access the website while they are at sea. We want to change that.

gCaptain is setting out to write a series of posts on how crews can set up rogue internet access points on their vessels to obtain a clear pipe of data without your company’s approval. We will be looking at all systems from (relatively) inexpensive satellite domes to super far reaching wi-fi antenna set-ups. But we need your help.

How do you access gCaptain aboard your ship? If you have an innovative way of getting internet in either blue water or near costal please send us the details in an email ([email protected]) or click here to leave the info as a comment on our forum.

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