Lifeboat Safety Survey

Mike Schuler
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December 18, 2010


Quick, Bob Couttie from Maritime Accident Casebook needs our help!

MAC is carrying out a series of surveys among various industry stakeholders with regard to lifeboat safety. It is the first industry-wide survey of its kind. It will make a positive contribution to lifeboat safety and we hope you want to be a part of it.

The objective is to take a snapshot of a number of slices of the industry, from seafarers to shipowners and LSA manufacturers and providers and gather data which may improve lifeboat safety.

The experience and opinions of seafarers and offshore workers is especially important to this project.

We encourage all those qualified to take the appropriate survey.  Below are links for current and former seafarers and offshore workers.  To obtain surveys for shipowners, operators, or managers, P&I/insurance, or investigators, CLICK HERE.


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