Best Handhelf Marine VHF Icom M72

John Konrad
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July 17, 2007

Richard’s Maritime Ramblings blog has a great post on thier favorite handheld VHF radio, the Icom IC-M72. While I am certainly not up to date on the latest handheld technology (my companies ordering process is too slow for that) this is the radio I use on a daily basis and is my favorite to date. Why does he like it so much? Here’s the explanation:

Icom m72During the summer the radio is on 24/7 because of work. When away from the boat, I take it it to town for chores and use it around the docks. (Note, if I get a call I use the cell to call the CG, as you are not allowed to use a portable from land.)

It’s greatest feature for me is the ergonomics – it just feels right. It’s waterproof, has a metal case, great sound, and in high power has 6 watts. The clip on the back is hurky and will hang on to just about anything. It the receive mode, a charge will last what seems like forever. The radio also has a further range than other handhelds I’ve used. READ MORE….

The reason I like it so much… as Richard says “it just feels right” to which I’ll add “it just works”.

What is your favorite?

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