Container Ship Sinking Video – “MSC Napoli” Salvage with Explosives

John Konrad
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July 17, 2007

Ship msc napoli salvage explosion

The beached vessel “MSC Napoli” was broken in two with the use of explosives as part of the $100m and rising salvage attempt. The Guardian UK tells us:

When the cargo vessel was refloated last week, a diving survey revealed that the hull was severely damaged and it was beached again on Thursday. Attempts to break the hull during high tide failed on Monday morning, prompting the decision to use explosives yesterday, when a 1,000-metre exclusion zone was placed around the ship.

Salvage teams will assess whether a further detonations are necessary to finally remove the vessel from the world heritage Jurassic Coast. Read More…

Here is the BBC Footage of the event:

For those who do not know the story Eagle Speak has the history HERE.

Click for photos:

MSC Napoli Listing

Tugs assisting ship MSC NApoli

MSC NApoli

MSC Napoli at dusk

More pictures can be found here:

Container Ship MSC Napoli Photo Slideshow

Here is some amazing video of the Coast Guard Rescue operation:

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