Launched – Thrane’s New Dual Channel AIS

Thrane & Thrane has expanded its established workboat and fishing vessel VHF radio portfolio with the launch of the new SAILOR 6217 VHF DSC Class D AIS Receiver. The new system brings parallel dual channel VHF receive functionality to the toughest line of VHF DSC Class D radios. The new receiver integrates a two channel parallel AIS Receiver, which enables it to perform a … [Read more...]

FleetBroadband Multi-voice – INMARSAT Merges VOIP And Data

Inmarsat has announced a new capability that will allow up to nine simultaneous telephone calls to be made through a single FleetBroadband terminal. “FleetBroadband Multi-voice is a unique integrated solution that maintains Inmarsat's well-earned reputation for high-quality voice,” said Frank Coles, president, Inmarsat Maritime. “It offers a far superior … [Read more...]

So what is an IMO Number anyway?

Wikipedia tells us "The IMO number is made of the three letters 'IMO'followed by the seven-digit number assigned to all ships by IHS Fairplay when constructed. This is a unique seven digit number that is assigned to propelled, sea-going merchant ships of 100 GT and above. It serves to identify ships and is not changed when the ship's owner, country of registry or name changes." … [Read more...]

UK Based Ocean Signal Enters Crowded GMDSS Market – Video

With the crowded nature of the GMDSS / Emergency Signaling market, does the maritime world really need another manufacturer? I'll leave that question for you to fight over in the comments but, regardless of need, a new player has emerged; a UK based company called Ocean Signal. Take a look at the following video for a sneak preview of their … [Read more...]