Carr: Boom Breaks and Challenge Ends

By Michael Carr - It’s difficult to describe the sound an 18 ft. aluminum sailboat boom makes when it fails under an immense load. Combine screeching, cracking, and exploding and you will come fairly close to this painful and terrifying sound. It was September, and we were broad reaching in the Atlantic Ocean, en route Newport RI from Norfolk VA. A strong cold front was … [Read more...]

Lost in the Antarctic

By Michael Carr - They were lost. Lost in the open ocean off Antarctica. Two miles to their starboard should be the Ross Ice Shelf, a 200 ft. high vertical wall of ice running for hundreds of miles along Antarctica. Instead there was just Open Ocean. This situation was definitely not part of their DeepFreeze79 operation. Ensign Bill Davis, the USCGC Glacier’s (WAGB-4) … [Read more...]

You Should Deliver Yachts

By Michael Carr - “You should deliver yachts! Really, its good money and you will always have work.” “I’m not sure,” he replied to his friend’s recommendation. He was not a “yachty” at heart and was not sure about sailing rich people’s boats from place to place. But he did like to sail and certainly needed to work. “Just give it a try,” his friend encouraged. So he … [Read more...]

Carr: Follow Canopus, Not Your Compass

By Michael Carr - Following their compasses was not working. They had been hiking through mangroves for over an hour and had made little progress towards their destination. They were feeling pressure and frustration. There was a deadline. “This is Blackbeard Actual, stop and huddle on me,” said the LT through his helmet mic. His 12-man team, all wearing night-vision … [Read more...]

Hashish On the Ocean Floor

Disclaimer: The below sea story is a retelling of an operation from back in the 1980's.   CW4 Michael W. Carr - “Ok, everyone gather around, we have a new job, you are going to love this one,” said the Dive Team leader. They gathered in the middle of their large warehouse adjacent to the runway at US Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City NC. Surrounding them were … [Read more...]