Carr: LORAN Overboard

By CW4 Michael Carr - I had heard enough. This constant debate on the need for electronics. Someone would say, “Well, celestial is great, but you really need electronics, I mean what if it's raining, or too rough, or there is no horizon….?” At first, I would respond to these queries with politeness and a feeling of duty to clear the air. “Yes, of course, there will … [Read more...]

Carr: Lifeboat Training

By CW4 Michael Carr - We huddled behind the ship’s superstructure, momentarily escaping wind, rain and snow flurries. Soon, though, we would need to leave this protection, and move to the ship’s windward side where we would start lowering and raising lifeboats. Water temperature was in the 40s F and the air was close to freezing.  “OK, today is the day, your final … [Read more...]

Spinning in the Current: Turning a Barge Loaded with Buoys in the C & D Canal

“Canal Control, Canal Control, Canal Control, this is Army Tug 915, channel 13 over”. I speak slowly into the VHF microphone. One hand on the mike, my other hand controlling the throttles and rudders on the 60 foot Army tug with a 100-foot barge on her nose loaded with Coast Guard ice buoys. We are stemming a 3-knot ebb current off Dann Ocean Towing’s docks near the west … [Read more...]

Carr: Loran C Lines in the Fog

Wayne was steering and I was navigating, but I knew we were not navigating in the way Bowditch defines the art and science of this endeavor. We were making 8 knots to stem an outgoing tide, any slower and we would have a difficult time offsetting set and drift. We had no visibility, pea soup fog had set in at sunset and we had been enduring condensation and cold for hours … [Read more...]

Carr: Boeing C-17 Aircraft Goes to Sea

By Michael Carr - A Boeing C-17 cargo aircraft is a big aircraft, with a wingspan of 169 ft., and length of 174 ft. Her fuselage width is 20 ft. and height is over 12 ft. One hundred and two fully equipped Army paratroopers can fit inside the cargo area. Hundreds of these aircraft were built for military use, and are flown worldwide every day. Chief Warrant Officer John … [Read more...]