Happiness is a Hard Hose

By Michael Carr - “Happiness is a hard hose!” Those words come from CDR Barry Chambers, the Coast Guard Atlantic Strike Team’s first commander. Forget what you might be thinking, he was referring to the eight-inch discharge hose which comes off the back end of a ADAPTs pumping system. ADAPTS is the Coast Guard’s acronym for “Air Deployable Anti-Pollution Transfer … [Read more...]

Sable Island Landing

By Michael Carr - “Keep reading out continuous depths under the keep,” said the schooner’s captain. “Keep giving us soundings, every 10 seconds or if you see a significant change.” Visibility on this day ranged from 50 to 100 feet due to the pea soup fog. Fog, which had been a constant for the past week. Now, they were attempting to make landfall at Sable Island, … [Read more...]

Ammo Run at Midnight

By CW4 Michael W. Carr (Retired) - “Hey, you guys want to haul some ammo and gear out to San Clemente Island for us?” asked the SEAL officer. “Sure”, said the Army Warrant Officer, without really thinking about what his agreement might entail. For the Army Marine Warrant almost any reason to get his 174 ft. LCU underway on a mission was a good idea. Underway was always … [Read more...]

Smell the Roses, Then Stomp on Them

The Instructor, a retired Navy SEAL, spoke with a quite, steady and commanding voice: “Load one nine round magazine, lower the hammer, place your weapon on safe, re-holster, and raise your right hand when you have completed these actions.” Clear and concise. Each of his ten students followed these commands. Soon ten right hands went up. “Now lower your hands, and … [Read more...]

Killed by a Filing Cabinet

By Michael Carr - He braced himself against the ship’s starboard side and stared inward through the chartroom’s one porthole. He inhaled and exhaled, listening to his exhaust bubbles heading toward the surface 50 feet away. This was the only sound, his rhythmic inhaling and exhaling. He was transfixed. Inside the chartroom was the body of a drowned Coastie, floating eerily … [Read more...]