U.S. Gulf Gets Least Crude in Decades as Iraqi Imports Dive

By Sheela Tobben (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Gulf Coast imported the least amount of crude in nearly three decades as shipments from Iraq plummeted and congestion lingered on a critical waterway weeks after a blaze and chemical spill at the Intercontinental Terminals Co. tank farm. The Gulf Coast took just 1.4 million barrels a day of crude last week as Iraqi oil imports fell to … [Read more...]

Opinion: China Is Joining the Rush for Arctic Riches

By James Stavridis (Bloomberg Opinion) -- I recently wrote a column on the challenges posed by China both on the South China Sea and globally on the deep seabed. But there is another element to the maritime “Great Game” China is playing: the Arctic Ocean. This may seem counterintuitive – last time I looked at a map, China did not have any Arctic waterfront. But this has not … [Read more...]

Germany’s Merkel Puts on Tarnished Climate Crown to Open Baltic Sea’s Largest Wind Farm

By Brian Parkin and William Wilkes (Bloomberg) -- Angela Merkel will leave Brexit worries by the shoreline as she cuts the opening ribbon on a giant wind farm out in the Baltic Sea, a move that will do little to gloss over her tarnished reputation as Germany’s climate chancellor. The Arkona wind park, a joint venture of utility EON SE and Norway’s oil and gas giant … [Read more...]

U.S. Oil Waivers That Rocked Market in 2018 Back to Focus

By Bloomberg News (Bloomberg) --Uncertainty over U.S. waivers for buyers of Iranian oil is starting to grip the market again, under very different circumstances than when American sanctions were set to go into effect last year. Before existing exemptions were granted in early November, Saudi Arabia was pumping at record levels, benchmark Brent futures rose to a … [Read more...]

Opinion: Overfishing Does Damage to More Than Just Fish

By The Editors (Bloomberg Opinion) -- Overfishing threatens disaster not only for fish, oceans and the food supply, but for fishing itself. The industry’s prosperity declines right along with populations of tuna, shark, swordfish and other species. Yet all over the world it persists in taking more fish than nature can replace. If this practice seems foolish, still more so … [Read more...]