Myanmar Shipwreck Survivors Granted Asylum in Indonesia

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*+-Indonesia has taken in nine shipwreck survivors believed to be refugees from Myanmar, ending weeks of uncertainty for the men, who were refused permission to come ashore in Singapore. The nine men had been in limbo off Singapore aboard the Liberia-flagged cargo ship that saved them after their vessel sank in Myanmar waters. Singapore authorities […]

NOSCO Victory Denied with Stranded Myanmar Shipwreck Survivors

NOSCO Victory. Photo via NOSCO.

*+-Chun Han Wong SINGAPORE–A group of shipwreck survivors rescued near Myanmar last week remains in limbo off Singapore’s coast despite concerns they could be refugees, in a sign of wariness by Southeast Asian governments about accepting asylum seekers amid an increased exodus from Myanmar. The 40 survivors are aboard a Vietnamese cargo ship that picked […]

Maritime Monday for April 16, 2012: Asleep in the Deep


*+-Third-class tea cup china used by passengers and the crew, is shown as part of the artifacts collection at a warehouse in Atlanta, in this Aug 15, 2008 file photo. (AP Photo/Stanley Leary, File) Just As The Ship Went Down Words by Edith Maida Lessing ; Music by Bernie Adler & Sidney Gibson A cold […]

World’s Most Valuable Wreck? Salvage Deal Struck

HMS Victory

*+-[dropcap]F[/dropcap]our years ago a 43 pound cylindrical object broke the surface of the ocean for the first time in over 250 years and, in doing so, confirmed the fact that Odyssey Marine Exploration had discovered the most valuable shipwreck in the world, that of the British ship of the line HMS Victory, the last British […]

Maritime Monday for January 23, 2012


*+-Carnival offers survivors of doomed cruise Costa Concordia 30% off future cruise; outraged passengers prepare for lawsuit original: Kommissar X / Heft-Reihe Twelfth body found, divers retrieve captain’s papers Divers yesterday found a woman’s body on the sunken Costa Concordia, bringing the death toll to 12. The woman was found wearing a ­life jacket in […]

The Dead Cruise Ship World Discoverer – Incident Photo of The Week

Abandoned Cruise Ship Google Earth

*+-Built as the BEWA Discoverer in 1976, the vessel was sold to Adventure Cruises Inc. and renamed the World Discoverer. The ship was then put on a long term charter to Society Expeditions Cruises. With a double hull construction, the vessel was classed for periodic voyages to Antarctic Peninsula region and carried a fleet of […]

10 Extraordinary Modern Shipwrecks


*+-Merchant ships are a critical piece of worldwide movement of goods and materials around the world, and on occasion, they run into problems.  The following shipwrecks range from small-scale tragedies to unforgettable catastrophes, capturing headlines worldwide when they occurred. 1.  USCGC White Alder (1968): Longtime residents of New Orleans still discuss the plight of the […]