Shipwrecks That Capture Our Imaginations – according to MSNBC, anyway

Mike Schuler
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February 19, 2009


Peter A Mello of points us to 10 shipwrecks that capture our imaginations… well MSNBC’s imaginations anyway.  As Peter put’s it, “not sure that these shipwrecks will capture your imagination, but they captured MSNBC’s, plus it’s been Dugg a bunch.” Here’s the list:

1. The Titanic
2. Ancient Greek oil ship
3. 16th Century Portuguese ship off Namibian coast
4. Santa Margarita
5. Captan Kidd’s Quedagh Merchant
6. Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge
7. HMS Victory
8. Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes
9. S.S. Cyprus
10. Graf Zeppelin

You can also see MSNBC’s slideshow with a little information about the each wreck HERE.  If there are any you feel that are worth a mention and not listed, let us know in the comments.

PS: Sorry for the photo, but at least there’s no Celin Dion playing in the background;)

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