Shipwreck Hunter Explores 5 Vessels on Atlantic Seabed

  by Sonja Elmquist (Bloomberg) A U.S. salvage company that has recovered precious metals from miles below the surface of the Atlantic over more than two decades is exploring five shipwrecks it says may have “significant” cargoes of gold and silver. Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. said Tuesday it carried out underwater reconnaissance using a remotely operated vehicle. It’s … [Read more...]

“New” Shipwrecks Appearing In Lake Michigan’s Unusually Clear Water

During a routine US Coast Guard patrol in April, assisted by unusually clear visibility, an aircrew captured these amazing photos of newly emerging shipwrecks along the Lake Michigan shoreline. These photos were taken near Sleeping Bear Point northeast along the shoreline to Leland, Michigan up to Northport. Information on the shipwrecks is scarce, the USCG is asking all … [Read more...]

Researchers Map Tasman Bridge Disaster Shipwreck in Stunning Detail

Australian researchers have used some new sonar equipment to capture stunning imagery of the shipwreck of the MV Lake Illawarra bulk carrier, which tragically sank in Hobart's Darwent River in what is now remembered as the Tasman Bridge Disaster. On the night of 5 January 1975, the 10,000 dwt MV Lake Illawarra struck a piling of the Tasman Bridge, causing a 127 meter span of … [Read more...]

Haitian Shipwreck Not Columbus’s Santa Maria -UNESCO

A team of experts working on a UNESCO mission to confirm the identity of a shipwreck found off the coast of Haiti have determined that the wreck is NOT that of the flagship of Christopher Columbus' first voyage to America. The mission was requested by the Haitian Government following claims earlier this year by an American explorer that he had found the remains of the Santa … [Read more...]

Sunken Steamship Keystone State Found on Lake Huron

By Brendan O'Brien MILWAUKEE, Dec 9 (Reuters) - The wreckage of a wooden steamship that sank 152 years ago in a storm on Lake Huron with no survivors has been found, a Michigan explorer said on Monday. What exactly happened to the Keystone State and its 33 occupants in a November 1861 voyage to Milwaukee from Detroit remains a mystery, said David Trotter, who found the … [Read more...]