China’s Underwater Museum

John Konrad
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November 30, 2007

Pakistan’s Daily Times has the scoop on China’s newest museum;

China is building a giant underwater museum to preserve and exhibit an ancient shipwreck. The museum, the first of its kind in the world, is to contain a sunken ship more than 800 years old and its treasures.

Archaeologists say the ship is China’s most exciting underwater excavation. Named the Southern Sea Number One, it lies under 24 metres of water and two metres of sand and soil.

Archaeologists took more than 6,000 treasures from one small room on the ship in 2002. The Guangdong provincial government has now allocated £10 million to building a five hall underwater museum to preserve the wreck.

Expert’s say, “Since the ship and its treasures have become accustomed to being underwater, it’s better to keep them there.” Read More…

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