mol comfort

image via Ole, gCaptain contributor

UPDATE (10 JUL): MOL Comfort Fore Section has Sunk

In a chat with the Indian Coast Guard this morning, they note that the the fire on board the fore section of the derelict MOL Comfort “is still raging” and “not under control.”

The fire started for yet unknown reasons on 6 July while the vessel was under tow.  The Indian Coast Guard vessel “Samudra Prahari” arrived on scene two days later to support firefighting efforts.

The Indian Coast Guard commented today saying that “only the last row of (first row of containers are left) on the derelict. nothing seems to be left of the cargo.”

The following un-dated images were sent to us by gCaptain contributor, Ole

mol comfort

image via Ole, gCaptain contributor

mol comfort

image via Ole, gCaptain contributor

mol comfort

image via Ole, gCaptain contributor

mol comfort

image via Ole, gCaptain contributor

mol comfort

image via Ole, gCaptain contributor

The vessel is still 600 miles from port and is currently drifting at a rate of 1 knot.

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  • Ole

    You should check your mail account
    I did send some more pictures this morning.


    • Rob Almeida

      Thanks Ole! Will take a look… cheers

      • Ole

        You’re welcome

    • JoeOvercoat

      Thanks Ole!

  • tomasz

    Hello Ole. Could U send me more pics to my email el_kac (A)

    i have lot of products on mol comfort :(

  • CAPTmm

    Quite improbable these events, assuming the ship did not break in two, there would have been a fire anyway later during the voyage?

    Quite disparate events on its own, but to have them occur within days of each other?

    Defies logic…

    • Tups

      I don’t think so. I’d say some water has been leaking through the bulkhead since the ship broke in two, and now one of the containers has got wet from the inside as well. In normal operations, containers tend to stay dry or at least won’t be submerged while they are in the hold.

      Of course we don’t know if it’s (again) this kind of chemical, but it at least it would explain many things.

      Ole, it would be nice if you could upload one of your photographs to Wikimedia Commons under a free licence, either now or when it is no longer reasonable to expect any news agency to purchase them. It would be nice to include a photograph of the flaming wreck to the article.

  • Earl Duke


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