Yachts From The City Of Billionares

John Konrad
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June 12, 2008

Quiz: What city in the world is home to the most billionares? The Answer to this question may suprise you. According to Forbes the honor goes to Moscow.

Roman Abramovich\'s Yacht Pelorus

Pictured above is the Yacht of 41 year old oil tycoon Roman Abramovich. Enlgish Russia tells us:

Roman Abramovich, the Russian Richest Guy (as of 2006), has visited St. Petersburg a few days ago on his “Pelorus” boat, the largest private yacht in the world, with the size of the football field and the price tag of 245,000e or $500,000. He had not come alone, but escorted by two luxury cruise ships carrying other less fortunate Russian

While he is in fact only the 15th richest man and the boat is only the world’s 11th largest, it’s impressive non the less.

Click HERE for the full photo spread.

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