Attacking Livestock – A Most Unusual Target

John Konrad
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June 11, 2008

We are all aware of the petty thefts and ransom demands of Malacca and Somali pirates but a recent rash of attacks in the Phillipines is quite different. Instead of targeting your average container ship, tanker or cruise ship these Philipino pirates are targeting unusual ships like the USNS Mercy and the livestock carrier Hereford Express (pictured above).

Australia’s ABC news reports:

Livestock ShipThe Philippines Coast Guard says the MV Hereford Express was attacked by armed men on speed boats shortly after it left for Broome on Friday night.

Nobody was injured, but the boat was seriously damage and was forced to return to the Philippines for repairs.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Broome Port Authority, Vic Justice, says the Hereford has been a regular visitor to Broome over a number of years.

“The crew are mainly Filipino people and they are very nice people to meet and talk with and it must have been extremely stressful for the poor people,” he said.

“I’d expect that it would take a couple of weeks for them to repair all the damage.

“It may well be that essential navigational equipment will have to be replaced.”

Mr Justice says such attacks are not uncommon in the waters off South-East Asia.

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