Livestock Carrier with Over 14,000 Sheep Capsizes Off Romania

A livestock carrier carrying over 14,000 live sheep has capsized in the Black Sea off Romania, prompting a frantic effort to save the animals. The ship, the Queen Hind, had just departed the port of Midia with some 14,600 animals when it capsized. It was bound for Saudi Arabia. A small number of sheep were rescued from the water, but the vast majority of the animals … [Read more...]

Livestock Carrier Detained in Australia After Experiencing Stability Issues -Incident Video

Australia ordered that all cattle be removed from a Panama-flagged livestock carrier after the vessel ran into stability issues shortly after leaving port last Thursday. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority ordered that the vessel, named Jawan, be detained as it investigated. The incident took place at Australia's Port of Portland. According to reports, the Jawan … [Read more...]

Australian Lawmaker Pushes to End Live Sheep Exports

By Colin Packham SYDNEY, May 21 (Reuters) - An Australian backbencher on Monday introduced legislation to parliament to ban the export of live sheep after the death of 2,400 animals on a ship bound for the Middle East, an incident that led to widespread criticism of the A$250 million ($190 million) industry. The bill threatens to expose fractures within the ruling coalition … [Read more...]

Livestock Carrier Escapes Brazil’s Live Animal Export Ban

by José Roberto Gomes (Reuters) - A Brazilian federal court late on Sunday lifted an injunction blocking the shipment of around 25,000 cattle from the port of Santos, allowing for the individual cargo to leave port but leaving in place a broader ban on shipments of live animals. The initial injunction had been granted on behalf of an animal rights group known as Fórum … [Read more...]