Plans For World’s Largest Yacht Unveiled

We can't help but be fans of mega yachts here at and over the years have done a fair share of covering them on the blog.  Whether it's the immense size of the private vessels or more likely the curiousity of the incomprehensible wealth that is required to be an owner of one.  This next yacht that was just recently unvieled by Belgium-based Emocean Yacht Design is … [Read more...]

007 Technology Spied Aboard Russian Mega-Yacht

It seems that 007 technology really exits in the mega-yacht world. Wired tells us: Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has a rather curious new addition built in to his latest oversized yacht. The 557-foot boat Eclipse, the price tag of which has almost doubled since original plans were drawn to almost $1.2 billion, set sail this week with a slew of show-off features, … [Read more...]

Oculus & Infinitas – Incredible Yacht Design

I stumbled upon this while searching on, well, Stumble Upon, the tool that discovers web sites based on your set interests. In my search it referred me to Schöpfer Yachts, a new US based company that is "dedicated to the pursuit of advanced yacht aesthetics and technology." Now we have seen some interesting yachts in our day, including the 170 meter yacht that was just … [Read more...]

World’s Largest Yacht Launched in Germany – Time Lapse Video Costing over $100 million more than a Swedish Gotland SSK submarine, nearly as much as an Indian Vikrant class Aircraft carrier  and just a touch more than an 689-foot ship American Lewis and Clark class ammunition ship... is the latest yacht built for the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. On Friday the world's largest … [Read more...]

My ship is bigger than Russian Billionare Abramovich’s new yacht… Just Barely

The economy may not be on the upswing in my hometown of New York City but Moscow is another story. The city that's home to the largest number of Billionaires will soon be home to the world's most impressive private ship. Yes, at 550 feet this private Yacht is the size of a ship and significantly more impressive than the owner's current vessel Pelorus and the current world … [Read more...]