Plans For World’s Largest Yacht Unveiled

Mike Schuler
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February 4, 2010

We can’t help but be fans of mega yachts here at and over the years have done a fair share of covering them on the blog.  Whether it’s the immense size of the private vessels or more likely the curiousity of the incomprehensible wealth that is required to be an owner of one.  This next yacht that was just recently unvieled by Belgium-based Emocean Yacht Design is set to break all the rules in terms of ammenities and size – if it get’s built that is.  CNN has the story:

Belgium-based Emocean Yacht Design recently unveiled plans for an extravagant new mega yacht, tentatively called Project 1000, that — if built — would be the world’s largest vessel of its type.

At a whopping 656 feet (nearly the length of two football fields), the ship would be 99 feet longer than the Eclipse, which became the largest private yacht on the water when Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich launched it last year. It would also cost in the range of $500 million to $900 million.

In addition to being massive, the futuristic design is replete with features that would impress even the most finicky mega yachtsman, including a 100-foot swimming pool and a health spa.

The plans call for a drive-in garage, two 98-foot day boats and a helipad with a hanger, so well-heeled skippers will be able to bring their other toys onboard.

The yacht, which would have a range of 6,500 nautical miles, comes standard with plenty of entertainment options to help pass the time on long voyages. There’s a nightclub, a casino and a dual-level cinema for film buffs who want a more authentic movie-going experience. (READ FULL ARTICLE)

In addition to all features listed above, Project 1000 has 10 VIP rooms, 22 guest suites and an owners deck.  According to Emocean, Project 1000, if purchased today, would take up to four years to build.  It’s just too bad we can’t wait that long for a new gCaptain headquarters.

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