Weekly World Maritime Crime and Piracy Report: Boarded and Robbed in Southeast Asia

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November 17, 2011

Weekly Summary of Worldwide Maritime Crime and Piracy Incidents – Week Ending Nov. 16, 2011 – Via ONI


ARABIAN SEA: Product tanker (BW DANUBE) fired upon by pirates in two skiffs on 15 November at 0418 UTC while underway in position 15:49N – 055:05E, approximately 302 nm northeast of Al Mukalla, Yemen. Eight pirates in two skiffs chased the vessel. The master raised the alarm, increased speed, and took evasive maneuvers, and all crew, except the bridge team, mustered in the citadel. The onboard, unarmed security team fired flares to warn the skiffs. The pirates fired upon the tanker, aborted the attack, and moved towards a mothership. (UKMTO, IMB)

INDIAN OCEAN: Container ship (ER COPENHAGEN) experienced an attempted boarding by pirates in one skiff on 11 November at 0824 UTC while underway in position 03:56S – 047:14E, approximately 452 nm east of Mombasa, Kenya. Six pirates armed with guns and an RPG chased and fired upon the vessel. Master raised the alarm, increased speed, and mustered the crew, except the bridge team, in the citadel. After several attempts, the pirates aborted their attack due to the vessel’s evasive maneuvers. The vessel did not have an armed security team. A mothership was spotted in the vicinity. The crew suffered no harm, but there was some damage to the vessel and cargo. (UKMTO, IMB)


BANGLADESH: Container ship boarded and robbed 16 November at 2100 LT while anchored in position 22:12.3N – 091:42.2E, Chittangong, Bangladesh. Five robbers boarded the vessel. After the Master raised the alarm and flashed searchlights, the robbers escaped with ships stores. (IMB)

INDONESIA: Chemical tanker boarded and robbed 16 November at 0330 LT while anchored in position 03:56N – 098:48E, Belawan Anchorage. The robbers boarded, stole the ship’s stores, and escaped without notice. The master reported the incident to the port authority. (IMB)

MALAYSIA: Chemical tanker boarded and robbed 14 November at 0350 LT while berthed in position 05:49N – 118:05E, KPO Terminal, Sandakan Port, Sabah. Four robbers with long knives boarded the vessel and were noticed by the duty crew who shouted at them and raised the alarm. The robbers fled in a small wooden boat. The crew mustered, checked the vessel, and reported the ship’s stores stolen. Marine police were informed. (Open Source, IMB)

INDONESIA: Bulk carrier boarded 14 November at 0045 LT while anchored in position 01:22S – 116:57E, Balikpapan Anchorage. Alert duty crew noticed robbers on forecastle deck attempting to rob ship’s stores. The alarm was raised and the fog horn sounded. The robbers jumped overboard and escaped in a waiting boat. (Open Source, IMB)

Forecast for 17–23 NOV 2011

Likelihood of Pirate Activity (Graphic courtesy of the Naval Oceanographic Office Warfighting Support Center)

GULF OF ADEN: Area winds and seas within the GOA will remain light to moderate (ENE 12 – 16 knots, 2 – 4 feet) through next 72 hours. EXTENDED FORECAST: Expect conditions to remain the same (ENE 12 – 16 knots, 2 – 4 feet) within the waters of the GOA through 23 Nov.

SOMALI COAST: Winds and seas within the Somali Basin have recently increased (NE 14 – 18, 3 – 5 feet) providing moderate impacts to the region through the next 72 hours. EXTENDED FORECAST: Expect conditions to continue (NE 14 – 18, 3 – 5 feet) within the Somali Basin through 23 Nov with occasional thunderstorms moving through the region.

NORTH ARABIAN SEA: Minimal winds and light to moderate seas (NE 8 – 12, 2 – 4 feet) persist within the North Arabian Sea, continuing through next 72 hours. EXTENDED FORECAST: Expect a slight increase in winds by 21 Nov, with sea heights remaining light to moderate through 23 Nov (NE 12 – 16, 2 – 4 feet).

INDIAN OCEAN: East-southeast winds 15 – 20 knots with 4 – 6 foot seas will influence conditions off the Tanzania and Kenyan coastlines through 19 Nov, slowly decreasing (SE 12 – 16, 2 – 4 feet). The Mozambique Channel will have minimal winds and seas through first 72 hours of forecast. EXTENDED FORECAST: Expect continued winds and seas (SE 12 – 16, 2 – 4 feet) to affect the coastal regions off Tanzania and Kenya through 23 Nov. Expect some increased swell waves (3 – 5 feet) from a transiting storm system south of Madagascar to impact the waters of the Mozambique Channel by 21 Nov.

SURFACE CURRENTS: Currents within the Somalia Basin, Gulf of Aden, and into the Indian Ocean remain variable with most areas having average speeds of less than 2 knots. Some localized areas show increased speeds up to 4 knots to include the southern coast of Somalia/northern coast of Kenya, as well as an area southwest of Socotra Island.

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