US Mariner Licensing Consultants

John Konrad
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February 17, 2008

As a member of the first “class” of mariners to fall under the new USCG training requirements for Chief Mate / Master I have enough Coast Guard licensing related stories of frustration to launch a separate blog. During these years of battling various REC’s one name surfaced repeatedly as source for sound advice; Andy Hammond. During his tenure as Coast Guard Regional Exam Center Chief he led the Boston REC to a position of the most respected in the country and made every mariner living outside his district envious of their New England counterparts.

I am therefore very excited to announce his latest en-devour; Maritime Licensing LLC, a national license consulting firm that aims to help mariners with the USCG’s credentialing process. In addition to his service, West Coast based mariners looking for guidance have the option of asking the equally respected licensing expert Norleen Schumer of to help.

I wish no mariner the extent of problems I had advancing my license but with the emergence of these two companies I am confident you can breeze through any difficulty. -John


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