casco offshore accommodation vessel ulstein

Ulstein’s Latest Design May Be Practical, but It Sure as Heck Isn’t Pretty

Rob Almeida
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May 7, 2014

casco offshore accommodation vessel ulstein


The naval architects at Ulstein have, for the first time, married the X-bow concept with an accommodation vessel… and unfortunately, it’s not the sexiest ship we’ve seen from Ulstein (sorry guys).

Luckily for Ulstein however, Casco Offshore, a newcomer to the accommodation vessel scene, is going with the design and will be calling it CASCO Enabler once built.  The shipyard has not been chosen yet however.

Ulstein notes, this vessel will be DP3 equipped, have accommodations for 800, and have an 50 ton offshore crane, upgradeable to 500 tons.

“The vessel is unique by having isolated, separated areas for accommodation, common areas and work areas,” notes Ulstein.”It features an internal atrium providing for daylight in almost all of the cabins, and will have European standard fit out in all accommodation areas. Comfort for all personnel on board is further increased by having a free standing funnel stack completely physically removed from the accommodation, hence avoiding structurally induced noise. These are all unique comfort features, and the vessel meets DNV Comfort Class notation.”

Vessel Particulars:

LOA: 144.6 m
LPP: 138.8 m
Beam: 33.0 m
Depth (main deck) 18.9 m
Draft: 7.0 m
Service speed 12 kn
Installed power 6 x 4,750 kW
Class: DNV

More images, via Casco Offshore
casco offshore accommodation vessel ulstein

casco offshore accommodation vessel ulstein



Want to see what another mono-hulled accommodation vessel design looks like and compare for yourself?  Check out the Edda Fides.

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